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RAdiant Groups

At Radiant, we offer two types of groups which will help you grow in your walk with Christ and relationships with your personal and church families!


Are you ready to dig into God’s Word and create some lasting friendships? If so, a HomeGroup is just what you're looking for. Each group consists of approximately 6 to 20 people who get together on a regular basis in homes or other places in the community with the purpose of “doing life together”. HomeGroups are one of the ways we make this big church more personal. There’s a group for every stage of life. So if you’re ready to meet some new people, have some fun, and grow deeper in your faith, click below to find a group just right for you.

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Have you ever wondered how God views some of the relevant topics in the world today? CampusGroups are on-campus study groups specifically designed to meet the needs of our church and community. Twice a year, in the Spring and Fall, we host groups that tackle the tough topics such as money, marriage, grief, and addiction as well as Bible study groups designed to help you dig more deeply into God's word and grow your faith. Below are the current and upcoming CampusGroups being offered at Radiant.

Spring Semester:

The Spring semester has ended. The Fall on-campus groups will begin on Saturday, September 22.

Fall Semester:

Detailed information and registration for the Fall groups will be available soon! 

Group Finder

Group Finder

Welcome to the Radiant Church Group Finder! Below, you can browse all groups by just clicking the Search button. You can also narrow your search results to find a group that best suits your needs by entering more specific information in the fields below. For example, you can select the Day of Week,  Time of Day, or choose Men Only or Women Only.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Consider hosting or starting a Home Group and get connected. If you have any questions or you are interested in starting a group, please email us at: groups@radiantchurch.com.

Group Finder

Group Resources

Group Resources

Welcome to Radiant Groups Resources! Check in here for important information for Radiant Groups. If you have any questions pertaining to Radiant Groups or you would like to host a home group, please email us here: groups@radiantchurch.com.

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