Radiant Kids

Radiant Kids

During this time of social distancing, we will be posting our Preschool and Elementary School Experiences on Tuesdays at 6 PM. You can also access all of previous experiences on our Radiant Kids Youtube Channel.  We want you as a family to grow together with age appropriate lessons for your kids and to equip you to lead them through this time with all the tools you need to answer questions and to pastor them!

Radiant Kids Reopening Strategy

During this time of strategizing new procedures that will be put in place to create a safe and sanitized area, we will be implementing a new set of procedures on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. We will continue to post content here weekly to allow you as a family to grow together with age appropriate lessons for your kids if you do not feel comfortable bringing them back in person yet. We want you to lead them through this time and have all the tools you need to be equipped to answer questions and to pastor them!

Check In/Check Out

During check in, a Radiant Kids team member will man a computer to check kids in. A team member will rip the tag and a parent will place it on their child. First time families will be checked-in with the normal paper process while a Radiant Kids team member will fill out the Guest Experience card and tag. Additionally, Guest Experience bags will be set out so parents can take it themselves. For check out, lines will be formed for one-way exit to avoid congestion. 


In our preschool classrooms, we will create a more spacious classroom environment (i.e. space out chairs and kids when appropriate) and not allow crayons or play dough to be used for the time being. In our elementary classrooms, games and toys will be reduced in order to make things easier to clean. In place, large group games and activities that are spacious will be utilized while Radiant Kids team members will remain engaged and excited to make it fun!


In the nursery and preschool classrooms, each room will have designated boxes of toys for each service to ensure proper cleaning of all toys (i.e. 1st service box for 1st service only). All surfaces must be disinfected after every service (i.e. counters, gates, chairs) and all fabric must be covered with something before using (i.e. rocking chairs, bouncers, swings). In nursery, preschool, and elementary areas, teams will be equipped with cleaning supplies to wipe down all surfaces (i.e. counters, door handles, keyboards, mouses) after every service.

Extra Precautions

In order to take extra precautions, we will ask all team members to wash hands upon arrival, before leaving and throughout service. If a child is not crying or does not need to be consoled, they must refrain from picking them up. If you suspect a child is sick, we have thermometers available in each room to check a child's temperature. Radiant Kids and team members will be encouraged to air five in place  of high fives and hugs. Radiant Kids team members should encourage parents to take their child to the restroom before checking in to their area. Radios and microphones should be disinfected after use.

Preschool Experience

Elementary Experience

Early Childhood

Children, ages nursery to preschool, are welcomed in a fun and engaging experience. Kids will learn how much God loves them, what a special creation they are, and how Jesus wants to be their best friend forever. We want to build a foundation for their faith by using Bible stories, fun songs, and activities.

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Kids, grades Kindergarten through 5th grade, can experience God in a life changing way. They can engage in age appropriate lessons, through worship, scripture memory, and fun activities with each exciting new series! In our small group times kids can build friendships that will last, learn how to apply God’s Word, and pray. Our goal is for every kid to know Jesus loves them and they are created with an amazing purpose.

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Special Needs

Radiant Church is proud to offer Leaps and Bounds Ministry for little ones with special needs! Children up to age 10 years old will enjoy exciting toys, videos, and games.

We have adapted specialized curriculum and have trained staff with experience working with special needs children! This room, located in our Preschool Building, is open during the second service on Sundays.

In order to serve the needs of your child better, please contact us prior to arrival. You can reach us (623) 975-2662 or by email at kids@radiantchurch.com.


Your child’s safety is our first priority. All Radiant Kids servanteers pass a background check and we use our own security team to ensure your child’s safety. We use a security tag system for child check-in and pick-up, and a text alert system for parents/guardians in case we need to reach you during the service.

Kids Baptism Class

We are able to baptize you even in this crazy season! If you want to take that next step and declare your faith in Jesus publicly, click the link below and fill out the home baptism request form. We will have pastors come out to a pool at your house and celebrate this step of obedience in your faith as part of your Radiant Family.

Home Baptisms

Radiant Kids Staff

Pastor Giselle Ryan


Giselle leads Radiant Kids along with a dynamic and committed team. She is passionate for kids to know that God is big and has the power to change their lives! She desires for kids to experience God and His love for them at an early age. The Radiant Kids team seeks to invest in kids by showing them Jesus and having fun while doing it!

For more information, contact us at: kids@radiantchurch.com 

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