Radiant Young Adults

Radiant Young Adults

Radiant Young Adults serves those who are 18-25 years of age and meets weekly to Worship God, Build Family, and Reach those who are lost. There are 4 seasons for you to get connected! The Spring and Fall seasons are LifeGroup based, and the Summer and Winter seasons are community-based events.


We break up the year in 4 seasons and you can join at anytime:

Summer: Sports League
Fall: 13-week Life Groups
Winter: Community Building Events
Spring: 13-week Life Groups

Join A Young Adult Life Group

In the Group Finder below, under "Topic," check Young Adult 18-25, along with any other search criteria you'd like, and click on the search button to find your Life Group today!

Group Finder

Become A Young Adult Group Host!

Being a LifeGroup leader is an amazing way to use the leadership gifting that God has given you! We want to empower and resource you to lead Young Adults into a deeper relationship with God and building community!Becoming a LifeGroup host is an easy two-step process:

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Application
  3. Our groups team will contact you about getting started!

Young Adult FAQ's

    What are LifeGroups?
  • Building families is one of our missions here at Radiant Church and the bet way to be involved is by joining or leading a LifeGroup. We have Young Adult specific LifeGroups that meet weekly for you to be part of!
  • What is the age group for Young Adults?
  • We serve those who are 18-25 years old.
  • Are there LifeGroups launches?
  • Yes! We have two semesters in January and our fall semester in August! We would love to have you join.
  • When can I join?
  • Whenever! You can join even in the middle of a semester. Just click on the group that suits your needs best!
  • If I lead a Lifegroup, what is my commitment?
  • We ask that you commit for the 13-week semester. This allows friendships to form but is also short enough not to burden the leader. You can always sign up to lead another semester once the 13 weeks are over!
  • Are there Young Adult services?
  • We have 4 quarterly services specific to young adults! To stay in the know of when they happen, make sure to follow us on Instagram and sign up for our reminders!

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